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This might end up being spelled EarlnI, but I'm not sure that will make enough sense...

The Guitarist from Free Root Beer needed more than one practice per week - and that was more time than the drummer and I had available, so we parted ways.

Still, the drummer liked working with me enough that he asked for us to keep working together. He likes the idea of the name "EarlnI" for the band.

So, as of August 2012, that's the band I'm in. We will probably practice every other week *at most*, and it's extra nice that we're working lots more on original material than we are on cover content.


Today's practice went well. We got some recordings of decent "jam" tracks, and came up with a title for the first release:

Antisocial By Choice

And we like the idea of album art that highlights how Jeremy and I are different personalities, but we really get along well.


I've been thinking more about what we're working on, and I'd like to build the title track to be something eclectic.

I'd like a song that is atonal, that irritates the sensibilities to listen to, yet grabs the listener and won't let go. Something that offends; that "pushes away" while still "sucking the listener in". Not sure how we'll go about that...I have doubts about my abilities to do so, but it's a goal to work on!