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(thrust & weight) determines speed

  • ship has base weight
  • equipment adds weight
  • "fuel" adds weight
    • types of fuel
      • Solid
      • Liquid
      • stored energy (batteries)
      • zero-point energy (requires "triggering" energy)
  • thrusters convert fuel to thrust, with different levels of performance
    • Nope...thrusters draw energy to create thrust - this allows a common energy for everything
  1.  ?fuel-specific thrusters?


  • different value of minerals on different maps
    • the farther the map from the mineral, the more value for the mineral
    • create a *reason* to move into "PvP territory"
    • allow for trade-oriented gameplay
  • "Minerals" are actually collected as "Ore"
    • Ore is sold at a higher price than minerals
    • Ore becomes "minerals" (or materials?) by "Processing"
    • Some ships can trade cargo space for Ore Processing space - which costs energy to operate