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I play bass guitar. Not in a band, but sometimes I get together with other musicians to play.

As if anybody cares, this is where I will post notes about those experiences.

So...no band practice mates for a while (Although I have been playing bass for our church's "Team Two" - the "give the regular guys a day off" worship team).

Oh, well. At least I am getting to play and gain confidence at church once a month.


Band Names

Ever since I was a teenager, I have thought about "good names for a band". Well! I decided to start logging them. Here's what I've got at the moment:

I can Just hear the announcer..."And now, won't you please welcome....!Silence!"
Absynthe Makes the Heart Grow Fungus
Something about the oddity of it. It could abbreviate to AMHGF...kind of like KMFDM
Socrates' Stomach
I don't know why, but this rolls off the tongue well
...every release is a single song, but done in *wildly* different ways
They Call Me "Tits"
It just rolls off the tongue
Maindance Fix
I have no idea why...and I'm not sure that's the name I heard when I was about to fall asleep at my desk.  :)
Jam Band (This one has to have been done already)
... and every album is a type of spreadable preserve; "Grape", "Strawberry", "Fruit"...
Donkey Haute'
Pronounced the same as "Don Quijote"
Apocalypse Waits
another "it just sounds good"
My Ass Is A Squirtgun
you really don't want to know
Rogue otolith
Powdered Sugar Avalanche
Box of Grandmas
Death stuffing
Shadow of the Bison
False Fart Experience
... and "My Ass Is A Squirtgun" could be a song by them
Loki's Revenge
White Noise
An all-minority band?


Well, it's been a bit, and I've got something interesting happening - I'm a founding member of the band "Free Root Beer"!

We're a three-piece; Guitar, Drummer and me as bassist.

We only practice every other week (for now...that might change when I get a house), so we're not building a setlist very quickly. But once we've got a bunch of songs we know, we'll work on gigging.


The Guitarist from Free Root Beer needed more than one practice per week - and that was more time than the drummer and I had available, so we have parted ways. The name "Free Root Beer" is in limbo.


Jeremy, the drummer from Free Root Beer, liked working with me enough that he has asked for us to keep working together. He likes the idea of the name " EarlNI" for the band.

So, as of August 2012, that's the band I'm in. We will probably practice every other week *at most*, and it's extra nice that we're working lots more on original material than we are on cover content.